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I need more... I nneeed more..... 7.3/10



haven't looked at this project in 3 years, codes prolly haunted

Haunted code would just make the game better

This game is so fun. I even made a video about it

...and yes i did just plug my vid...and yes i know im a loser for doing that....i found a couple of bugs and glitches....although the game is in a really early version.

But that's ok.

  Unfortunately I wasn't able to do all the missions....and something went wrong with my editing software and the video is kinda laggy...but hey! No one's perfect.... I wanna type something else but idk what else to type....ok.... so yeah... fun game and so on.


Thanks for playing and sharing. Not a fan of saying its so Bad its good in your thumbnail, but hey any publicity is good publicity.

Yeah I've been meaning to work more on it but I'm incredibly lazy. When I feel like lifting a finger I'll release 0.3.

the so bad its good is just a title for a series. I'm not saying that your game is bad, it's just that from an outside perspective the game graphics arent the best, but thats ok

yeah...i have the same problem as you where i don't wanna work on my game since im too lazy...

Still the game was real fun !

Hello, I speedran your game for fun.

I'd like to do a 100% run at some point, but I don't understand the exact trigger for the office reorganizing mission to complete. If you care to divulge please let me know, thanks.

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I thought it was a lot of fun! I have some feedback:

Maybe a settings, for the quality. I was lagging, so maybe if there was a lower quality setting?

I also love the use of 2D sprites instead of 3D models. This can make the game more unique than all the other unity games. (Which mostly use 3D models.) I like how the mechanics involve throwing and picking up objects, and that can be used for lots of different puzzles. I really enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback, Can I ask what's the specs on your PC? Just so I can set  standard for the quality settings

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Yeah my computer sucks lmao 

I have 4gb ram (yes I know it’s bad) 

Intel Celeron, CPU J1800, 2.41GHz

64-bit operating system, x64 based processor

Honestly was a lot of dumb fun.

Some of the jokes are pretty stupid but it was a silly fun game, despite the quality.

Throwing the wheelchair kid around and putting dumpsters in the middle of the road were the best parts.

About halfway through the game I found out you can surf through the air on those skull enemies if you lure them out from the underground area.

I finished all five missions. I'd probably play more of the game.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep working to improve it